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Tacoma Tackle - Manufacturers and Their Fishing Tackle From Tacoma, Washington

240 pages with hundreds of color photos and illustrations. New book copyright 2011.

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Puget Sound and the close proximity to two major rivers and other fishable waters was the inspiration for men to start fishing tackle companies in Tacoma. The men who founded sportfishing tackle businesses in Tacoma had several things in common; a love for the outdoors, a creative mind, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Many of their businesses never outgrew the family garage or basement, but they loved it as much as if they owned a large factory with many employees. A big part of this book is the story of those men, which will give you a better idea of what is behind their fishing tackle. Also includes information on collectible lures such as Mac's Squid, Carr's, Schroeder's, Zimmy, Krilich Killer, Spin-in Herry, Spin-in Minny, Salmon King, Witch Doctor, Aron and many others. Over 30 companies including Les Davis, Pop Geer, Zak, Tradewinds, Al Lundemo, Art Ullis, Big Al's, Vandes, Graham, Boyle's and Bentz.