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West Coast Vintage Salmon Lures, Volume 2 -Pre-WWII Plugs and Sinker

190 pages, 265 photos and illustrations, and 80 patents (36 patents for plugs and 44 for sinkers). It covers 53 plug makers and 34 sinker makers. 

This new book includes plug models with sizes and colors as well as a short history on the maker and company. It has the same type of information on vintage sinkers and diving plane sinkers. The book is mostly black and white with some color plates that show many of the plug colors used before WWII for a reference. The colors identified under the plugs can be referenced back to the color plates. Some of the makers included are: Bacon Bros., Ben Paris, Eddie Bauer, Blanchard & White, Carr, Gibbs, Harris, Hook Bros., Jack Lloyd, Lucky Louie, Martin, Nelson..............



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