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The industrial revolution was nearing its end when immigrants were flooding into the Northwest. Machines capable of making intricate parts were available, and men were training as machinists. All the fishing opportunities in the Northwest created a market for local entrepreneurs to invent and manufacture fishing tackle.

From the late 1800s until today, the list of Northwest tackle manufacturers includes larger companies like: Les Davis, Pop Geer, Gibbs, Peetz, Danielson, Luhr Jensen, Worden, Martin, Shoff, Glen L Evans, Fenwick, Lamiglas, and Sage. While some of these did make fishing reels, most Northwest reel makers are little known.

This book was written to document fishing reel inventors, designers and makers in the Northwest, and examples of their reels. Many hours of research has gone into this book, but it is likely a few reels have been missed, which is what keeps us collectors looking.

Many hours have gone into researching and interviewing people involved in designing and manufacturing reels in the Northwest. Most of the reels in this book are in our collections but sometimes a maker, relative of a maker, or other collector has provided photos or let us photograph their reels. Many hours goes into photographing reels and writing technical descriptions of them. Value ranges are determined by selling prices from the internet, auctions, and vintage fishing tackle shows. When this book is finished and available to the public, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it. 

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